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Panarottis Table Bay Mall(2024) UPDATED

Panarottis Table Bay Mall

If you’re searching for an authentic Italian dining experience that delights the senses, look no further than Panarottis Table Bay Mall. Nestled in the heart of the mall, this charming eatery invites you to savor the flavors of Italy with its diverse and mouthwatering menu.

Wood-Fired Pizzas

Item Description Price (in USD)
🍕 Margherita Classic tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil $12
🍕 Bacon, Feta and Avo Bacon, creamy feta, and avocado slices $14
🍕 Mexicana Spicy beef, peppers, onions, and mozzarella $15
🍕 Create Your Own Pizza: Personal Choose your favorite toppings and create your own Starts at $10
🍕 Create Your Pizza: Medium Choose your favorite toppings and create your own It starts at $14
🍕 Create Your Pizza, Large Choose your favorite toppings and create your own Starts at $18
🍕 Create Your Pizza, Extra Large Choose your favorite toppings and create your own It starts at $22

Wood-Fired Pizzas: A Slice of Italian Tradition Panarottis Table Bay Mall(2023)

The smell of freshly made pizza fills the air as soon as you enter Panarottis Table Bay Mall, enticing you to savour this traditional Italian treat. Every pizza is painstakingly made and baked to perfection in a classic wood-fired oven, guaranteeing a crunchy crust and delectable toppings.

Signature Pizzas: A Symphony of Flavors

The menu boasts a selection of signature pizzas, each showcasing a unique combination of premium ingredients. From the classic Margherita to the indulgent Four Seasons, there’s a signature pizza to please every palate.

  • Margherita: The timeless favorite, featuring a simple yet divine combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves.
  • Bacon, Feta, and Avo: A medley of flavors with crispy bacon, creamy feta, and slices of ripe avocado.
  • Mexicana: For those who crave a kick of spice, this pizza delights with spicy beef, peppers, and onions.

Create your pizza: Panarottis Table Bay Mall(2023)

The “Create Your Own Pizza” option is perfect for culinary adventurers. Choose from an array of toppings, including an assortment of meats, veggies, and cheeses, and let your creativity run wild.

Pasta Perfection

Pasta lovers will be in paradise at Panarottis Table Bay Mall, as the menu features a range of pasta dishes that celebrate the rich traditions of Italy.

 Pizza Passion

Experience the artistry of pizza with our Pizza Passion menu. From classic Margherita to exotic combinations like the Mediterranean Delight, our pizzas are crafted with the finest ingredients and a touch of Panarottis magic.

 Pasta Perfection

Embark on a pasta journey with our Pasta Perfection menu. Indulge in the rich and creamy Fettuccine Alfredo or savor the robust flavors of our Spaghetti Bolognese. Each pasta dish is a testament to perfection.

 Appetizer Adventure

Kickstart your meal with our tantalizing Appetizer Adventure menu. Whether you choose the crispy calamari or the flavorful garlic bread, these appetizers are the perfect prelude to a memorable dining experience.

Main Course Marvels

Savour our Main Course Marvels menu’s richness. Every dish, from flavorful grilled chicken to filling beef lasagna, is a symphony of flavours meant to satiate even the most voracious palates.

 Seafood Sensations

For seafood enthusiasts, our Seafood Sensations menu is a treasure trove of ocean-inspired delights. Indulge in garlic prawn linguine or choose the seafood platter for a truly indulgent experience.

Sweet Endings

With our Sweet Endings menu, you can round off your dinner with something sweet. Whether you go for the rich Chocolate Lava Cake or the traditional Tiramisu, our desserts are the ideal way to cap off your Panarottis meal.

Creamy Pasta Delights: Comfort in Every Bite

Indulge in a creamy pasta dish that warms the soul with every mouthful. From the classic Alfredo to the decadent Carbonara, these gossips are the model of comfort food.

  • Chicken Alfredo: tender strips of chicken smothered in a velvety Alfredo sauce, served over perfectly cooked pasta.
  • Creamy Bacon & Mushroom: Savor the richness of a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce that envelops al dente pasta.

Zesty Tomato Sauces: A Burst of Flavors Panarottis Table Bay Mall(2023)

For those who prefer a tangy experience, the tomato-based pasta dishes are sure to please.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese: A classic favorite featuring a hearty meat sauce generously layered over spaghetti.
  • Arrabbiata: Embrace the heat with this spicy tomato sauce, complemented by garlic and chili.

Freshest Salads:

Panarottis Table Bay Mall has a variety of colourful, fresh salads that are tasty and nourishing, even amidst the appetising pizzas and pastas.

Mediterranean Greek Salad:

Indulge in the flavors of the Mediterranean with a delightful Greek salad featuring crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and creamy feta cheese.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad:

For a more substantial option, the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad offers a satisfying combination of grilled chicken, crunchy croutons, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panarottis Table Bay Mall offer gluten-free pizza and pasta options?

Panarottis Table Bay Mall caters to various dietary needs and offers gluten-free pizza crusts and pasta options.

Are there any vegan or vegetarian choices on the menu?

Certainly! The menu includes vegetarian and vegan options, from Margherita pizza with vegan cheese to vegetable-based pasta dishes.

Can I book a table in advance at Panarottis Table Bay Mall?

Of course! It is advisable to make reservations, particularly during busy times, to guarantee a table for your meal.

Are there any special promotions or loyalty programs for frequent visitors?

Panarottis Table Bay Mall often runs promotions and has a loyalty program that rewards frequent diners with exclusive offers and discounts.

Can I place a takeout order for pizza and pasta?

Of course! With Panarottis Table Bay Mall’s takeaway options, you may savour your favourite meals in the convenience of your own home.

Does Panarottis Table Bay Mall offer any gluten-free dessert options?

Panarottis Table Bay Mall provides gluten-free dessert options, ensuring diners with dietary restrictions can enjoy a sweet treat after their meal.

Are there any kid-friendly options available on the menu?

Absolutely! Panarottis Table Bay Mall offers a dedicated Kids’ Menu with a variety of kid-friendly pizza and pasta options and tasty desserts.

Can I make special requests for customizing my dish, such as reducing the salt or adding extra toppings?

Of course! Panarottis Table Bay Mall is committed to accommodating special requests to ensure that every dish suits your taste preferences and dietary needs.

Is there a lunchtime menu or special lunch deals?

Yes, Panarottis Table Bay Mall often offers lunchtime specials or set menus, providing a delicious and affordable dining option during the daytime.

Does Panarottis Table Bay Mall offer any alcoholic beverages?

Panarottis Table Bay Mall has a selection of alcoholic beverages, including wines and beers, to complement your meal.

Can I order online for delivery from Panarottis Table Bay Mall?

Of course! Panarottis Table Bay Mall makes it easy to savour their delicious food from the comfort of your home with online ordering available for pickup and delivery.

Does Panarottis Table Bay Mall offer catering services for events or parties?

Panarottis Table Bay Mall provides catering services for special events and gatherings. Their delicious pizzas, pasta, and salads will surely be a hit at any party.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time menu items at Panarottis Table Bay Mall?

Indeed! Panarottis Table Bay Mall occasionally introduces seasonal specials and limited-time menu items, offering diners exciting new flavors.

When I eat at Panarottis Table Bay Mall, can I get incentives or loyalty points?

Yes, there is a loyalty programme at Panarottis Table Bay Mall that lets patrons accrue points for each visit. These points can then be exchanged for special offers and discounts.

Is Panarottis Table Bay Mall pet-friendly for outdoor seating?

While Panarottis Table Bay Mall warmly welcomes guests with pets, pets are typically allowed in outdoor seating areas, subject to the mall’s rules and regulations.

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